The kids won’t leave… So We Do!

After over 20 years together (and 7 kids), we finally have the time and the resources to travel! This blog shares our adventures as a kind of diary, but also to help you find the best places to visit this weekend!

Most of our vacations (and mini-vacations) are within driving distance of our home on the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast!

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Where do You want to visit?

As previously mentioned, most of our adventures keep us within driving distance of the Alabama Gulf Coast, so our main focus is on the following states: Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, & Louisiana.


Meet the Couple

Welcome! We are The Millers!

After 22 years of raising our boys, it is finally time for us to focus on ourselves, our relationship, and our marriage.

What started as a way to document our own travels quickly turned into a passion for helping other couples find great weekend getaways and explore unique towns and cities in the Deep South.

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What do you want to do?

From free live music venues to amusement parks that even the adults love, we like to experience it all!

Just getting started ROAD TRIPPIN’?

Download our Packing list!

After downgrading from a mini-van to a small SUV, we realized we could no longer take all the things with us, but we certainly didn’t want to forget the important things!

So, after much trial-and-error and many quick trips to the Dollar General, we finally have the perfect checklist for hitting the road together!

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Where do you want to stay?

As of Summer 2022, we mainly stay in hotels. However, we love finding the hidden gems and sharing them with you!

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plan your next road trip

Planning a road trip can be very overwhelming. You can’t always just jump in a car and go. We are of the mind that the journey is just as important as the destination. So, click below for our

Road trip tips & itineraries!

Where do you want to eat?

Sometimes, you just have to swing into a Mickey D’s to grab some greasy fries and a sweet tea. However, that is not normal for us.

Whether you are looking for a place you can write home about or you just need a quick treat, we are writing about it!

Voted Most AccomModating:

With a severe shellfish allergy, Kelli likes to rate places’ ability to accommodate her and on the Gulf Coast, it sometimes can be tricky!

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