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We’re a husband and wife team that finally has the time and resources to spoil ourselves – as opposed to our kids. We believe there are quite a few other couples in their 40s that spent the past 20+ years focused solely on their children, pinching pennies, working, being parents, running constant taxi services, etc.

Now, we are in the prime of our lives and making the most of it! Our blog shares our adventures as a kind of diary, but also to help our readers find the best places to visit this weekend!

Our vacations (and mini-vacations) are within driving distance of our home on the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Texas, & Tennessee!

You’ve come to the correct location whether you’re interested in advertising your brand or region to our audience of “runaway” Moms & Dads (grin) or hiring us for our experience.

This Couple Travels is travel blog focused on providing useful information for “should be” empty-nesters (who aren’t yet retired) so need to get it all in on the weekends and holidays. We present the best accommodations, attractions, and activities in each area we visit using a variety of search-optimized channels and tools including blog articles, listicles, social media posts, and videos.

Our audience especially loves mid-level luxury or finding extreme luxury for a steal. Meaning, we expect a weekend to cost us a couple thousand but will splurge even more if it is really worth it. They (we!) are ready to pay a bit more to be pampered and spoiled – we’ve earned it!

By leveraging our voices, your brand can sincerely communicate with your intended audience: those that finally have the means to splurge but very little time to do it.

We can help you promote your brand to thousands of high-quality mid-life travelers. 

In addition to this website, readers connect with us via

At our ages, we no longer just want pretty pictures. We do want them, but we also want to know the history, the cool things to see, and the neat things to do.

We are committed to delivering high-quality, truthful, and entertaining material to our members, and we won’t accept anything less.

This sincerity builds trust with our audience and increases our clout. By engaging with our audience in a productive, beneficial way, we can help you maximize your brand’s visibility opportunities.

You can read about us on the About Us page.

How To Partner with Kelli & Ricky

Press Trips & Destination Partnerships: You’ll be hiring us to showcase our adventures using photographs, videography, and well-written, SEO-optimized articles if you invite us to your location, on your tour, or into your city.

Social Media Campaigns: We can promote your brand through social media using your @ handle to mention your accounts and your specified hashtag to ensure that you maximize your ROI on the channels of your choice.

Brand Ambassador: We’d be delighted to talk with you if you have high-quality goods for people who enjoy traveling and trying new things. Whether you would like to build a long-term relationship to promote your products, or you need help bringing a product to a new audience, This Couple Travels can help.

Sponsored post: We can develop customized news stories to target our demographic if you have a destination, hotel, or product that matches our audience.

Note: All partnerships must be in line with This Couple Travels style, audience interest, and philosophy.

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Our media kit is available upon request. We can create custom proposals and are open to receiving YOUR proposal. If you think we might be a good fit to work together, please contact us at kelli (at) thiscoupletravels (dot) com or use the contact form below.

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