Country Legends in Concert Review

If you’re a fan of country music, then this tribute concert is definitely for you. Check out this Country Legends in Concert Review at Downtown OWA in Foley, Alabama to find out what performances were our favorites. Plus, get tips on how to score tickets to the next one!

The Country Legends in Concert at OWA in Foley was an event we didn’t know we needed. As soon as Ricky and I found out about it, we knew that we simply had to go. As soon as the opening chords began, we were hooked. The energy of the celebrity look-alike performers was infectious, and the songs were nostalgic and familiar. It was an afternoon we’ll never forget!

The longest-running and most-awarded show in Las Vegas history, Legends in Concert, presented Legends of Country®️ this spring at the state-of-the-art OWA Theater in Foley, Alabama. The venue was the perfect size for an intimate show like this, and the acoustics were great. Every seat in the house had a perfect view of the stage. We actually paid the extra 20 bucks to get front rows seats and will definitely continue to do that in the future!

The show pays tribute to four of the biggest icons and luminaries in country music, together on one stage and portrayed by the world’s greatest tribute artists.

The performances were all incredible. Each artist brought their own unique style to the show, and it was amazing to see them all perform together. My favorite performance of the night was by far the Martina McBride impressionist. Although, it was pretty cool to hear and see her entire voice, manners, and style change when she performed as Shania Twain!

They all sounded better than either of us could have ever imagined, and they brought the house down.

Though to be fair, I saw the actual Garth Brooks in concert way back in 1997 and I can say, he is super hard to replicate. That man jumps all over the stage like a toddler!

If you’re a fan of country music, I would highly recommend checking out this show. It’s an intimate and fun tribute to some of the biggest legends of country music, and the vocal talents of the performers are top-notch. We had a blast, and are already planning on going back next time.

Head’s up, though, at 42 and 47 my husband and I were likely the youngest people in attendance.. by a good 20 years! That didn’t bother us in the least and we even made friends while in line for the (super clean, BTW) bathrooms. But, you need to be aware in case it does bother you.

For me, I’d have rather had Reba, Dolly, or George Straight than Elvis. But, my husband, a massive Elvis fan, was excited about watching the performer and enjoyed that tribute performance the most.

What is Legends in Concert?

Legends in Concert is the world’s greatest live tribute show, having entertained millions of fans around the globe for over 35 years. The live concert experience features legendary celebrities replicated with amazing accuracy by highly accomplished tribute artists and a live band, singers, and dancers.

Every internationally renowned star not only resembles and sounds like their character but also changes themselves through hours of effort. This is accomplished by utilizing one’s own voice and taking each element into account, from choreography to hair, cosmetics, and mannerisms.

Legends In Concert is the original and most extensive live celebrity tribute show in the world because of its large roster of iconic celebrities, including Elvis Presley, Tina Turner, Prince, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand and so many more.

How long is the Legends in Concert Show

According to their website, the show runs for 75 minutes.

But, honestly, you should expect to be there for closer to 2 hours because there’s a 20-minute intermission.

Plus, you get to meet the cast after the show! We got to meet all of the performers and they were so nice. Some people were even taking pictures with them, but we opted not to do that this time.

How to get tickets to the next show?

Unfortunately, the Country Legends in Concert has come and gone this year. However, you can check out the Legends in Concert website to find out when the next show is and what other Legends Shows there are.

We are hoping to catch their pop sensations show this summer and will report back if (when?) we do!

Follow Legends in Concert on social media for announcements about upcoming shows and ticket giveaways:

How much are tickets to Legends at OWA?

Prices start at $25.

However, if you want a VIP experience, there are several different tiers of pricing depending on how close you want to sit to the stage and what kind of perks you’re interested in.

If you want to sit up close, I recommend getting the VIP seating. It’s definitely worth it and you’ll have a great view of the stage. However, I wish we had chosen the 2nd or 3rd row in the center as opposed to the first row on the side. I just feel like we would have had an even better experience in the center.

Next time, we want to get in the Mezzanine area so we have a table for our drinks & snacks.

Final Thoughts on COuntry Legends in Concert:

I hope you enjoyed our review of the Country Legends in Concert! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and opinions are our own. We purchased tickets ourselves and didn’t work with anyone on this review. So, if something is inaccurate that is on us.

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