World of Coca-Cola Review

If you’re a fan of Coke, or just want to learn more about one of the most iconic brands in the world, then the World of Coca-Cola Museum is a must-visit.

This interactive museum is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and its a 45,000 sq ft complex that features exhibits on the history of the Coca-Cola Company.

The museum is great for fans of all ages, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in the area! Be sure to read our complete World of Coca-Cola Review before visiting!

Location: 121 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

The World of Coca-Cola was founded in 1990 in Underground Atlanta. However, due to the growth of the Coca-Cola Company, it soon outgrew this location. In May 2007, the current museum opened to the public.


The building looks small from the outside, but don’t be fooled! It is two stories of fascinating Coca-Cola exhibits. When you first walk in, you are greeted by a large Coca-Cola bottle that contains interactive Coke products from around the world.

You can learn about the history of Coca-Cola and see how the company has evolved over time. There are also exhibits on the bottling process, marketing campaigns, and even a 3D movie theater!

Scent Discovery

One of the highlights of the museum is the Scent Discovery Center. This room has different Coca-Cola fragrances for you to try.

You can smell each one and then see if you can say the flavor of Coca-COla it belongs to.

This was actually much harder than I thought it would be!

Taste It!

After you learn about the bottling process and smell Coca-Cola fragrances, it’s time to taste some Coke! The Taste It! Exhibit lets you try many different types of Coca-Cola products from around the world.

I was surprised by how many different flavors there were! As someone who hasn’t had a soft drink in 2 years, I must say I was a little disappointed. LOL! So many flavors were just plain disgusting. It is amazing to me that people around the world love some of this stuff.

The Mazoe from Africa was actually very yummy, but I don’t think I really liked anything else international. LOL!

Insider tip – avoid Beverly from Italy… trust me. It tastes like someone dumped a bottle of cough medicine and mouthwash into a dirty garbage can, mixed it up, and served it. Seriously! After that sip, I quickly searched out some Gold Peak to clean out my mouth!

But, trying all the flavors and comparing notes with all the other patrons was super fun, loud, and kind of exciting.

The Loft

The Loft is where you start your museum journey.  The Loft is filled with artifacts from more than 80 countries, including France, Korea, and Zimbabwe.

The Loft contains approximately 200 historical and international items that represent more than 135 years of Coca-Cola memories! Can you spot the ones from your childhood?

Items in the Loft range from a Coca-Cola syrup urn, dated 1896, to Coca-Cola beach pants, dated 1970, to some of the most well-known international and historical advertisements.

The Vault of the Secret Formula

One of the most popular exhibits at the World of Coca-Cola is The Vault of the Secret Formula.

In addition to housing the secret formula, this exhibit tells the story of John Pemberton, the inventor of Coca-Cola. You can see a replica of his original laboratory and learn about how he created the world’s most popular soft drink.

Here, you can create flavor combinations as early pharmacists and inventors did. I had a lot of fun experimenting with different flavors and creating my own unique combinations.

At the Bubble-izer, you’ll be transformed into an effervescent form and immersed into the bubbly fizz of Coca-Cola.

It also was really cool to see how well I could protect the secret formula during a full-body interactive experience through three virtual environments—the Triangle Room, Secure Train Car, and The Bank Vault!

Milestones of Refreshment

The Milestones of Refreshment exhibit is a great way to see how Coca-Cola has been a part of people’s lives for more than 125 years.

You can see how Coca-Cola was marketed during different time periods and learn about the people who have shaped the company throughout its history.

This exhibit features more than 1,000 artifacts, including a replica of the first Coca-Cola sign and even a vintage Coca-Cola delivery truck.

Bottle Works

The Bottle Works exhibit is a really interesting experience where you can learn about the bottling process.

Be sure to read all the placards around – they are truly very interesting! I didn’t know so much of the facts about bottling!

Pop Culture Gallery

The Pop Culture Gallery is a fun exhibit that shows how Coca-Cola has been featured in popular culture over the years.

You can see how Coca-Cola has been depicted in art, film, music, and fashion.
Some of the highlights for me were seeing images of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley drinking Coke, as well as some of the more recent ads featuring celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston.

Other Experiences

There’s more to the World of Coca-Cola than just the aforementioned interactive exhibits!

The Polar Bear

Hug the iconic Coca-Cola Polar Bear and even get your picture taken with him!

The Coca-Cola Theater

The video we saw was life’s Moments of Happiness. The film featured people of different ages and cultures around the world, and it was so inspiring.

I loved seeing all the different experiences that people have had – from skydiving for the first time to surprising a loved one on a special occasion. It was really cool to see how happy Coca-Cola can make people.

I may be the only person that cried, but I am not ashamed. LOL! I always cry at sweet things.

3-D Theater

I took a journey around the world “In Search of the Secret Formula” in this multi-sensory 3-D movie experience. It was a nice chance to relax a bit before we moved on to the next exhibit.

Coca-Cola Store

The shop has everything you could possibly imagine! From coca-cola clothing to animals made from cans! Be sure to bring your wallet because you’ll definitely find something you want to buy.

Things you should know

Now that you know all about the exhibits and shows inside the World of Coca-Cola Museum, lets talk about the details you need as you prepare to visit.

The World of Coca-Cola is located in Atlanta, Georgia at Pemberton Place.

It is adjacent to the Georgia Aquarium and within walking distance of Centennial Olympic Park, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, and the College Football Hall of Fame.

Where to eat

There are a few dining options inside the museum.

The Bottle Cap Café is right across the Attraction District Green Space and offers light snacks and beverages, including Coca-Cola products, of course!

If you’re looking for something more substantial, there are quite a few places within walking distance including Chick-Fil-A, Johnny Rockets, and Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria.


Parking is available at World of Coca-Cola parking garage for a fee of $17 per vehicle.
The parking garage is located at:126 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd NWAtlanta, GA 30313

Hours of Operation

The hours are subject to change, so be sure to check their website for the most recent times.

Currently, the times are:
Monday – Thursday 10:00am – 7:00pm
Friday 10:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 9:00 pm
Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm


Toddler (0-2) = Free
Youth (3-12) = $15.00
Adult (13-64) = $19.00
Senior (65+) = $17.00

Or, you can save 44% on this attraction and four others by purchasing an Atlanta CityPASS!

The Atlanta CityPASS is a special ticket that gives visitors access to some of the city’s most popular attractions. For one low price, CityPASS holders can enjoy admission to the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, the Zoo Atlanta, and more.

CityPASS tickets are valid for nine days, so there’s plenty of time to explore all Atlanta offers. And because CityPASS tickets are available online, they’re easy to purchase before your trip.

So whether you’re looking for a fun-filled family vacation or a cultural getaway, be sure to check out the Atlanta CityPASS.

FAQs about the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA

The museum is designed to be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. There are a variety of interactive exhibits that will keep even the littlest ones entertained.

How long does it take to tour the World of Coca-Cola?

Most places around the internet will tell you that it takes approximately 2 hours to tour the World of Coke. However, I would give yourself at least 3 hours.

This will allow you to take your time exploring the different exhibits, watching the movie, and grabbing a bite to eat without feeling rushed.

How many flavors are in the Tasting Experience?

There are 60 beverages at the Tasting Experience, and they are all different Coca-Cola products from around the world.

How far is the World of Coke from the Aquarium?

The World of Coca-Cola is located right across the Green Space. In fact, you can see the Aquarium from some of the Coca-Cola exhibits!

Our Final Thoughts on the World of Coke:

This place was just plain fun! There is so much to see, do, and taste. We definitely recommend checking it out if you find yourself in Atlanta.

The World of Coca-Cola Museum is a great place to learn about one of the most iconic brands in the world. The interactive museum is 45,000 sq ft complex that features exhibits on the history of the Coca-Cola Company. It’s a must-visit for any fans of Coke!

DISCLOSURE: I was recently invited to Atlanta on a FAM Tour to enjoy a weekend of exploring and delicious meals in exchange for an honest review. Any opinions stated are strictly my own and were not influenced by anyone. Also, no money exchanged hands.

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